The ​San Francisco Men's Spanking Party

This is a Secret Group, You can't even see it without being a member   (So to Join follow the 3 steps) 

       1) Visit The San Francisco Men's Spanking Party Facebook Page 'SFMSPARTY'. 
       2)  Click on the name 'The San Francisco Men's Spanking Party' and look for the message button.
       3)  Click on the 'Message' button and send your Facebook name and Email to request to Join.

      Or you can Email Spank Master Bill directly with your information to  

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S.F. Men's Spanking Party Facebook Group

Next Party will be on Sunday November 13th

These are Male only events (Gay, Bi or Straight)
You must be 18 years of age or older to attend with a valid photo ID.

The Parties are on 2nd Sunday of each month

at the Power Exchange 220 Jones Street in San Francisco CA.

With 3 Extra Saturday Parties

( Gay Pride, Up Your Alley & Folsom St. Fair weekends) 

​For Questions or Additional information

Email :